How To Hack Binatone WiFi ( Quick Guide)

As we all know that hacking a WiFi is not an easy task to do. But there are some tools available on the internet for this kind of hacking, but all of those tools are actually “PAID” & everyone can’t afford it. You might be thinking that there will be a free breakthrough to hack someone’s WiFi , if yes? Then you’re on the right article. In today’s article we’re going to show you that how you can hack someone’s WiFi without any external tool or software. But before we start, let me tell you that this trick works only for binatone’s WiFi. So we can say that we’re going to show you how to hack binatone WiFi.  Let’s move on to the content.

Steps To Hack Binatone WiFi :

First of all, go-to your android menu and tap the settings icon,

Now tap the WiFi option, (now the technical part)
You’ll see an Add Network option – open it
Now you’ll need to fill the requirements
The requirements are – “Network SSID – Binatone_1” >> “Security – WPA/WPA2 PSK” >> “Password (use only this) – 0987654321”

≫ After you have done all those steps, click save and if you’ll be in a binatone’s WiFi range than the WiFi will connect automatically.

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    But if you are facing problems after applying this method then don’t worry, there is another method available as simple as this was. 
    Another step to hack binatone WiFi is, you’ll have to do all the steps same except the last. Now the Network SSID, security and password has changed. Use these settings : Network SSID – Binatone_2 >> Security – WAPI PSK >> Password – 0987654321.

    All done!! now your WiFi will start auto-connecting (make sure your WiFi is ON).

    Wrapping Up!

    This was the whole guide on how to hack binatone WiFi, now enjoy internet free of cost and bit faster too. You can use this method again if you’ve deleted your created network. Share this article with your friends and family and let them surf some free and faster internet too. If there is any technical issue you’re facing in applying these steps than feel free to hit the comment section below, we will help you for sure. 
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    1. Mukesh Negi