5 Gadgets That Can Make Your Life Easier

Almost everyone loves gadgets, whether they are tech related or other types of gadgets. But the real purpose of these items is not just for fun or to say we have them, but to help improve our lives or make things easier. With that in mind, here are 5 gadgets that can make your life easier.

Smart Phone & Tablet Battery Backup

These little numbers are great ways to never be caught without the needed ‘charge’ on your mobile phones or laptops. Charge the backup battery pack with a USB cable (easy). Then, simply connect that backup to whatever device needs a bit more power.  You can probably find a wide range of these as well. Some offer extended battery life and others will allow for the charging of multiple devices at once. Either way, this a great way to ensure you never miss another important call or are bored on a plane while your tablet is out of juice.

Airbag for Cyclists

How is this for an ingenious gadget? Any cyclist would probably love to have a way to become safer while they are out training or just having fun. Sure, that old bulky helmet can help, but an invisible bike helmet might be even better.  Swedish company Hovding has created an airbag for cyclists. You wear this around your neck and head (it looks a little like a fanny pack). If you are jostled by the sudden impact from a fast-moving vehicle, this will deploy the airbag around your head. It could be a nice lifesaving invention.

Wellness Monitor

Yes, there are a number of apps to help track your health, but a wellness monitor is a great way to see an instant snapshot. The Tinke, for example, allows a user to touch the item with their thumb and then you can all sorts of health-related data about yourself. Everything from heart and respiratory rates to blood oxygen saturation level, heart rate variability, and how relaxed and physically fit you are. Plus, it tracks real-time progress (like during a workout) and you can even share workout results on Facebook.

Smart Name Tag

Perfect for those frequent travellers tired of losing luggage at the airport. A smart name tag goes on your bag and then it communicates with your phone via an app. This way, you have tracking of your bag and will know exactly when it is coming out of the carousel…or where it is if it has gone missing. I’d say this would certainly make things easier for those airport trips. Now, if we could just put one on the dog who keeps wandering off!

Can Stand

This might just be a guy thing, but it’s perfect for anyone who loves grilling but hates their drink getting warm in their hand as they attend the fire. The Can Stand is an insulated, sun-reflecting, solo cooler that can be stuck in the ground (even in sand) beside you. It is adjustable to either 17 inches (lawn chairs, anyone?) or 47 inches, perfect for going with you on a wide range of activities or chores.